Dance Performance

Indian weddings are no less than any festival, and without the dance performances of family and the bride and groom no wedding is complete. Indian weddings are known for big fat parties and a long festive affair. Not just the bride and groom, but their extended families too have a great time with their loved ones. And, the big sangeet night is the most enjoying day, when everyone gets on the dance floor and shakes a leg and belly to Bollywood masti hits. Not only this, new trend of giving solo bridal performances have come in pre bridal events or in beautiful bridal dresses.
Most dance instructors happily suggest dance steps and styles that best suits the mood and tempo of your chosen song, but if it gets difficult for you to dance take on your steps and make your moves. Take some suggestions from your instructor before selecting the final song. Remember not to stress over performing the perfect moves on the big day just enjoy the moments and cherish them. Practice sessions always makes up the best memory.
Though you might not want to ruin your actual wedding shoes but try practising in a similar pair of shoes of the same height.